The Design-Lab Experience (DLX) Institute is a national research and development think tank supporting design thinking in K12 schools such as Design-Lab High (www.design-labschools.org).

DLX Institute Founder, Dr. Martin Rayala, is a former K-12 teacher, Curriculum Supervisor for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, university professor, and recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Design Educator Award. Dr. Rayala is a co-founder of Design-Lab Schools.

Dr. Cristina Alvarez is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the parent company, Design-Lab Schools, LLC and Design-Lab High School.

The DLX Institute is an outgrowth of the Design-Lab High XQ Super School Project consisting of a team of over 50 students, teachers, parents, administrators, community and business members, advisors, higher education faculty and national education leaders. Design-Lab High XQ Super School Team coordinators include James Furmato and Loretta Harper Brown.