Creating 5D Schools

The DLX Institute creates 5D interactive experience learning environments.
Words and numbers are one dimensional lines and strings. Images are 2D, objects are 3D, spaces and places are 4D, and interactive experiences are 5D.


The DLX Institute develops images, objects, spaces and experiences to communicate information and ideas about design thinking in schools. Designers, teachers and students work together to create information graphics, models, dioramas, exhibits, toys, games, animations, videos, TV shows and educational publications.

Design-Lab High

The DLX Institute supports the Delaware Design-Lab High School and other ventures of Design-Lab Schools, LLC through advocacy, research, resource development, fundraising, professional development and communication. Go to

Professional Development

DLX Institute and Design-Lab High are hosting the 4th annual Design-Ed Learning x Design Conference at the Dupont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington, DE on Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26, 2016. There will be a Saturday night dockside reception aboard the tall-ship Kalmar Nyckel. Go to for details.

Research and Development

The Design-Lab Experience (DLX) Institute is an outgrowth of the Design-Lab XQ Super School Team that was formed in 2015 to answer Laurene Powell Job’s XQ Super School Challenge to re-think high schools. The DLX Institute is a national research and development think tank that promotes educational research, hosts educational professional development initiatives, produces communication strategies, and develops print, media, online and physical resources to promote design thinking.

Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking starts with identifying and clarifying the problem, intent or goal. This requires mindfulness and empathy. The second step is to visualize as many solutions as possible. IDEO calls this Ideation. The third step is to prototype, model or test your ideas to see which actually work. This is done with quick, inexpensive, easy to use materials. The fourth step is to present you ideas in a clear and compelling manner. This requires skills in visual and verbal storytelling.